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Birding and bird photography

My interest in bird photography was kindled when on holiday in Aswan at the end of 2007. The hotel grounds were awash with birdlife, in particular a wonderful variety of herons. The frustration was that I didn't have a suitable camera to record what was on view. On returning home, I bought the camera that I should have had on the Egypt trip and started to snap birds through the kitchen window. The photos here have all been taken since January 2008. My first efforts were mainly mundane shots of common garden birds, mostly taken from the kitchen window. However, as this hobby has taken hold, I've become more committed, spent more time and money and, I hope, now started to record some rather more satisfying images.

I should stress that I'm an exceedingly poor birder and certainly not a twitcher. I simply enjoy watching birds and capturing their beauty wherever possible. So if my Rock Pipit is actually a Dunnock, or my Ruff is really a Knot, then please just drop me an email and I'll try to learn for next time!

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