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Sailing is one of those activities which tends to polarize opinion, some people finding it captivating, others hating it with a passion. For me, there are many aspects to the pleasure that it brings. These include the simple joy of being moved along using only natures forces, the challenge of extracting the utmost efficiency from the boat and her sails, the extreme intensity that sail boat racing engenders, the satisfaction of staying safe in heavy weather and finally the quiet delight of swinging peacefully at anchor away from the madding crowd. My sailing falls roughly into three categories, sailing and racing a small single-handed dinghy on the upper reaches of the Thames, pottering about the Solent and both sides of the English Channel in my 32ft cruising boat, and, in th past, the occasional stab at yacht racing, usually in chartered boats. Here are some pictures which I hope will convey something of the spirit of there activities.

Sailing the British Moth on the Thames at Medley
Photo © Pauline Wyn-jones
Weather Bird on a grey and windy day in the Solent
Photo© Beken of Cowes
A special treat - racing on a classic yacht in Cannes
Photo © Tim Wright (